Enter Life

Oh the plans that are waylaid by stuff.

Two weekends ago, I did finish quite a few projects.  The dreams and plans my slight success gave me! I was going to block and finish and knit and start and just have ever so much knitting accomplishment.  Then, I got a bit ill. Friday.  And I stayed home.  Okay, normally,  Ill means more knitting, and I did knit a bit, but this was painful ill, and moving to pick up a water glass on the table beside my chair hurt, so needless to say, pinning and blocking and getting up and down for projects and needles and everything else was out. Plus the narcotics:  I am not good with medication.  One Benedryl or two extra strength Tylenol and I am pretty much out.   I will wake up not remembering where I even am. so real pills…uh, lets just say I caught up on all the sleep I’ve missed for the last 3 years or so!

Anyway, by Sunday I was feeling a bit better, and by the afternoon, the pain was pretty much gone, so we went on a walk and to a store. Those sort of wore me out.  And then it was back to work.

I realized though, if I don’t count hibernating things, I am down to 4 projects on needles.  Exciting, huh?  Which means I need to update my queue, right?  Right.

So it is first; Saroyan with my Shibui Worsted, in white.  Second:  Anders in Knit Picks Stroll in Navy and some grayish Cascade something or other I have in my stash.  Third: Double Knit Floral Cowl with the…..gosh, I will have to look.  Oh yeah, some madelinetosh sock Jude gave me and some white I picked up somewhere and don’t think I even put in my stash.  Fourth and last to be covered here;  Snowman & Tree from my Susan B. Anderson book Topsy Turvy.   I have a little stash of cotton I’ve been buying at Blazing Needles. I don’t remember what kind it is, but they have a million, or a hundred colors, so it’s nice for those little things.  Takhi Yarns?  Yes, Cotton Classic. So there is the plan.

I think at this point, four is not too many projects, so my plan is, as I finish one, I will start one.  How’s that?  The Double Floral Cowl is for the Knitting Retreat at Alta Lodge at the end of September, so that will likely move around on the list.  It’s squishy that way.

I love having a plan.  Now if I can just stick to it!

3 thoughts on “Enter Life

  1. So are you starting the cowl to knit while we’re in Alta? Or to wear while we’re in Alta? I should get a project for Alta. Maybe that sweater we’re going to knit together?

    1. Leo and I have been planning to do the cowl at Alta so we have you as a reference…I want to do that sweater too though!

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